Checkpoint 3

Here’s the coding checkpoint for the third third of the book (section 8), presented as a set of requests from a client:
  • I need a plugin called “Last Month’s Tutorials.” I’d like it to fetch all posts of type Tutorial that are from last month, and display them (title and link) as list elements of a <ul>. So if it’s February, it would be a list of all Tutorials from January, with clickable links.
  • I’d like the <ul> to display at the bottom of the post content of each Tutorial post, if that post has a checkbox in its post editing page called “Show Last Month’s Posts” checked.
  • The post should also be controlled by a shortcode, [last_months_tutorials], and the shortcode should have an optional “difficulty” parameter. If I pass in a difficulty ([last_months_tutorials difficulty=”beginner”]), then the shortcode should display only last month’s Tutorials that are marked as “Beginner” in the Difficulty taxonomy.
Have fun! Let me know if you have any questions about what’s being asked for any piece of this, or about how to properly implement it.