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up and running wordpress

Learn WordPress development.
The fast way.

Up and Running systematically teaches you WordPress development in one clear, concise, and critically acclaimed package.

Take the WordPress development course on the go! Up and Running works on desktop, tablet or mobile.

If you've been looking for a single authority which can give you a holistic picture of how WordPress works, and dive into its advanced internals, then Up and Running is for you. We explain the nuts and bolts of WordPress in crisp language, elegant infographics, and efficient video tutorials.

Everything that matters on security.
Nothing that doesn't.

WordPress security is as opaque as it is important. Baseless rumors abound, and if you don't know how to sort fact from fiction, the result can be a lot of needless worry, coupled with a lot of real risk for you and your clients.

WordPress Security with Confidence is your essential companion on security. Starting with general security principles, and advancing to very specific actionable steps, we explain all the details you need to understand in clear, jargon-free language. 

Everything’s there, it’s easy to find, and there’s zero bloat—just a real, practical education in WordPress security.