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1. Key Intuitions for WordPress Development

Our goal in this section is to answer, intuitively, "What is WordPress?"

In other words, we'll work to shine light on questions like the following:

When we say a site is "a WordPress site," what do we mean?
What's the basic anatomy of a WordPress site? What's it "made of"?
What do we do when we do "WordPress development"?
For what sorts of projects and needs is WordPress the correct solution?

Our goal is to make sure you're on the proper intuitive base to learn WordPress's technical details. In particular, if you understand what it means that "WordPress is a factory," and what the factory consists of—as well as what it really means to be a "WordPress post"—then you'll have a big head start.

The following chapters tackle these questions:

WordPress is a Factory: A Technical Introduction
What "Post," "Page," and "Webpage" Mean in WordPress
When to Use WordPress, When Not to Use WordPress, and Why